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Moving in to a new school year





It was an exciting day for twins Natalie and Naomi Tenbrick as they moved into McMindes Hall and geared up for their freshman year at Fort Hays State University.

It also was an exciting day for twins Aubrey and Ashten Stimpert, who also moved into McMindes and geared up for their freshman year.

Both sets of twins moved into their dorm rooms Thursday. Aubrey and Natalie were in one room, while Naomi and Ashten were placed a few doors down.

The two sets of twins grew up together in Spearville.

"Ashten and I are best friends," Naomi said. "And they're best friends. My sister and I shared a room for 16 years, and we were tired of sharing a room with each other."

Down the hall, Claire Cooey was preparing for a year of competing on the rodeo team.

"I'm happy I got to take my horses with me, so now they get to be with me all the time," she said. "I've been riding horses for a long time. I started with barrel racing, and it progressed into other events."

Kaley Jamnik went door-to-door to make sure Cooey, as well as all the other residents, were settling in.

"I really like helping them transition from their home life into college life," said Jamnik, a residential assistant. "I hope to make them think it will be fun and a really great experience."

A few buildings away, Alex Shaw was preparing her residents for the second to last year of Wiest Hall.

The dorm will be torn down due to structural problems and plumbing issues and rebuilt in 2016.

"I'm excited about this year because we've done so many awesome new things to the building," said Shaw, Wiest Hall director. "We want to make sure our students are still a priority and this building is still a priority as long as it's up and going. We are going to continue to make this an awesome experience for them living here."

For this year, new flat-screen televisions were added, the kitchen area was expanded and the lobbies on each floor were updated.

"We needed to think about how we could update the building to make their experience better and serve them better," Shaw said. "At the same time, we needed to keep in mind that it needs to be something that can go with us for another building and serve us there."

In Custer Hall, Maryke Taute, assistant director of residential life, was preparing welcome signs.

"It's a wonderful day," she said. "All our students are coming back, and they'll have wonderful opportunities this year. I love seeing how many families and friends come out to say goodbye to their students and wish them luck. I think it's so heart-touching to see the love they bring to share."