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Anglers on ice


1That's because they know they can go ice fishing.

1That's because they know they can go ice fishing.

While Waconda Reservoir might be the area leader in terms of ice fishing opportunity, it's been cold enough this year for Webster to draw some ice fishing action -- in both the stilling basin below the dam and in the main part of the reservoir.

There wasn't much ice on the main part of Cedar Bluff Reservoir early last week, but there was enough to make trout fishing in the still basin a bit difficult.

Undaunted, a Trego County family trudged to the far side of the basin and fished down the sheer concrete walls of the spillway into an open spot.

Not everyone is a fan of ice fishing, but when the ice is thick enough to support anglers safely, the action can be hot as crappie, white bass and wipers can be pulled out as well. To be considered safe, ice should be at least 4 inches thick.

Trout were stocked in the Cedar Bluff stilling basin in late October, and anglers have been catching them.

A second stocking of trout was made at Webster in early December.