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Event offers up clones, UFOs, time travel





President Barack Obama is a clone of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh. Not only that, you know his famous "yes, we can," slogan when he ran for president in 2008? Well, when you play the audio of it backward, it says, "Thank you, Satan."

So claims conspiracy theorist Freeman Fly, the keynote speaker at a paranormal conference at Hays Ramada during the weekend.

Fly, who has a website and TV show, also was promoting a book Friday night -- aptly titled "Weird Stuff."

"The Awakening Paranormal Conference," organized by Terry and Sherri Rowe, Stockton, had other guest speakers scheduled Saturday, everything from discussion on the afterlife to American Indian cult mysticism, to UFOs, to Bigfoot, to paranormal investigations.

The conference was to be topped with a paranormal investigation Saturday night at Fort Larned National Historic Site.

There were approximately 30 members of the audience who listened to Fly on Friday. He said he has been a "conspiracy nut" all his life.

Fly, who lives in Lawrence, admitted to being in his mid-40s. He said his father was part of the secretive Freemasons, and who chased UFOs for the government as part of Project Blue Book.

Hooked on conspiracy theories at an early age, Fly started to travel the country giving talks about his theories to anyone who would listen. In Austin, Texas, a member of the audience said Fly should be on access TV, and gave him $100.

"And the rest is history," said Fly, who has been doing this for almost eight years now.

Fly has theories on just about everything. There is mind control; an upcoming invasion of extraterrestrials; the real meaning behind 9/11, which Fly said he predicted.

Fly said he interviewed the Twin Towers architect -- who also is a magician who designs time machines -- on how bin Laden's family came to him and asked where to place demolition charges.

Plus, he said, there was a space-based pulse weapon used to help bring down the Twin Towers.

"My fans think I'm the ultimate," Fly said. "They know I've done my homework ... and I've never been wrong."

Fly knows there are skeptics.

"What I try to do is plant a seed," he said. "Skeptics will never have their mind changed.

"You can't change anyone's mind. But you can plant a seed in them, and that seed will grow."