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Postal service set to complete reductions





A series of community meetings during the course of the next two weeks will complete all of the northwest Kansas office hour reductions that have been scheduled.

The reductions are part of a plan by the U.S. Postal Service to reduce window hours -- and employee costs -- at 13,000 mostly rural post offices across the country.

The reductions will save the USPS nearly $500 million each year, but that's still not enough to stem the flow of red ink.

Five meetings are planned for this week in northwest Kansas, including three of them today in Catharine, Paradise and Wilson.

Bird City and Brewster are on the schedule for Thursday.

The meetings are set so USPS directors can conduct several in a single day.

Another round of meetings are set for next week as well.

Those include meetings Aug. 5 in Prairie View, Norcatur, Long Island and Logan and on Aug. 6 in Kensington, Kirwin and Portis.

A series of meeting are planned for the second full week in August, but all of those are in the eastern part of the state.

Office hours already have been reduced at other area post offices:

Agra, Alexander, Almena, Alton, Bogue, Brownell, Bunker Hill, Cedar, Collyer, Damar, Dorrance, Downs, Edson, Gaylord, Gorham, Gove, Grainfield, Grinnell, Healy, Herndon, Jennings, Kanorado, Lenora, Lucas, Luray, McCracken, McDonald, Morland, Natoma, Otis, Palco, Portis, Ransom, Rexford, Rush Center, Selden, Sylvan Grove, Utica, Waldo, Weskan, Winona and Woodston.