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Meat store closes





Business was good, but finding people to keep the store open and running was too big of an obstacle to overcome.

Hays City Quality Meats, 2306 Vine, closed last week. It opened under a different owner in 2004, and Paul Jones, who also owns the property, bought the business in 2009.

The people who ran the day-to-day operation wanted to move to be closer to family, Jones said, and he could not find skilled meat cutters to take their place.

"I can't find anybody to come in there and cut meat and make all the specialty products that they were making," Jones said Saturday.

Finding customers wasn't the problem; finding somebody to serve them was the issue.

"Nobody cuts meat anymore," Jones said. "To find somebody that can make all the smoked products, the sausages, knows all the spices and brines, and how to do all that -- it's a lost art.

"Nobody wants to learn the trade, learn how to do all that stuff. It's hard work."

Jones, who owns Cedar Lodge Dental next door to the building, said he has no plans to re-open the business himself, but would be open to selling it.

Jones said it was unfortunate the business had to close.

"It served a lot of people," he said. "I just can't find the qualified people to run it."