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April rains finally arrive





Meteorologist Larry Ruthi was right on target, suggesting moisture might start streaming back into Kansas during the last week in April.

He offered that outlook in early April.

Some of that moisture started falling overnight in northwest Kansas.

Generally, most of the rainfall totals stood at less than a half-inch, but there were several notable reports.

North of Hill City approximately 13 miles, rainfall Wednesday night totaled 2.35 inches, according to observers reporting rainfall totals to CoCoRaHS -- the online Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network.

Six miles east of Phillipsburg, the total stood at 2.26 inches. Hays received 0.45 of an inch, according to the Kansas State University Agricultural Research Center south of town.

There were a smattering of rainfall reports in excess of 1 inch, but they were few in number. Most of the reports, including those in Ellis County, were a half-inch or less.

Colby reported just a trace of rainfall.

Wednesday's rain follows on the heels of similar totals Sunday night. There's also a chance for more rain this weekend.