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Prank between family friends draws attention





The ingredients to the perfect caper include 3,000 feet of red tape, knowing when your good friend is going out of town and some family bonding time.

Dustin Rupke and his family wrapped Bryan Noone's truck in tape while he was with his family visiting Salina.

Rupke, who attends church with Noone at North Oak Community Church, has been reading "Love Does" by Bob Goff. Goff shares several adventures in the non-fiction book, such as the time he took his kids on a world tour to eat ice cream with heads of state. Rupke said this gave him inspiration to go on a caper with his own family.

While shopping for some supplies to repair the women's bathroom at the church, he saw a roll of red "Danger" tape.

"I thought of Bryan when I saw the tape," he said.

"We just started getting phone calls from friends, asking 'What's up with your truck?' " said Bryan's wife, Erika Noone, who was with him on their trip to Salina.

Someone sent them a text with a picture of Rupke and his family wrapping it. Erika said the family laughed the entire way home.

"It certainly doesn't seem like 3,000 feet. We were hoping to cover the entire car in it. The windshield gave us a bit of trouble, because the tape kept sliding off," Rupke said.

It took his family approximately 15 minutes to wrap as much as they did. Rupke offered to help Bryan clear it off, but Bryan declined, as he wanted it to stay on all day.

Noone's daughter Morgan, 10, wanted to get a picture on it and ride in it to school.

Getting inside the wrapped truck, however, proved difficult.