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New service brings students more movies





Residential life students at Fort Hays State University now have the opportunity to stream movies and television through the campus network for free.

FHSU recently adopted two new services to give students more entertainment options.

Eagle2Go is a service through the campus's television provider, where students can stream live television through mobile devices.

The service began last year.

"Our role is making sure students are informed," said Becky Peterson, director of residential life. "This year, we are trying to make that push so students know it's a service."

Only a few universities in Kansas have access to the service.

"We're trying to get more students to use it since we didn't do a good job of advertising last year," Peterson said. "This year, we're being very intentional about how we get the word out to students."

Students can download the app, but must be on campus and connected to the campus network.

"It gives students more options for entertainment on campus," said Nick Goodman, Wiest Hall assistant director. "They're able to do things on their own time since we know students have busy schedules. This way, students are more likely to be out and about on campus instead of held up in their rooms."

Additionally, students now have access to ResLife Cinema. Each month, residential life selects 10 to 15 movies from a database of more than 60,000.

The movies will be available to stream for three months. Students have access to 30 to 45 movies at any given time.

Previously, the university gave students access to a television station where movies played on a rotating basis. The streaming service began this month.

"This new on-demand stream we thought would be a better fit for the students' lifestyles," Peterson said. "It's definitely more convenient than having to turn on their TV and seeing a set schedule."

Students must be members of residential life to receive the service.

The university receives data from ResLife Cinema in order to select movies of interest to the residents.

"We want to cater to the residents," Goodman said. "We try to get a widespread list to accommodate everyone's needs, wants, desires."

Residential life students can visit movies.fhsu.edu for more information.