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Roberts staying as SGA president, taking leave of absence





Fort Hays State University Student Government Association President Chris Roberts, a junior, announced Thursday he will not resign from office following an arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence and transportation of an open container.

After recently elected to a second term, Roberts was arrested April 25 on the 700 block of Ash, according to the Hays Police Department.

“I apologize for any unnecessary attention I may have brought to the association,” Roberts said. “The decisions I make in my personal life are my own, and my attorney has advised me to resolve these matters.”

Roberts said he had to evaluate if the matters were impeding his ability to obtain a degree, and he believes “in some ways” they were.

“The ultimate goal for attending a university is to earn a degree,” he said. “After much thought, I have decided the best option to move forward for myself, SGA and the students is to remain in office; however, I will take the necessary steps to ensure my well-being is up to par to continue as president.”

Beginning at the close of this term, Roberts will take a leave of absence until the fall. He will not be sworn in with vice president-elect Arin Powers, also a junior.

“In the fall, I will meet with vice president-elect Powers and the interim executive staff to determine if I am fit to resume my administrative duties,” Roberts said.

In order to ensure his personal well-being, Roberts said he will use the Kelly Center at FHSU for an evaluation to determine his next steps.

“This decision comes after much discussion with students and senators,” he said. “The overall feel from students is one of understanding that I am a student first. As students, we are all still learning. Resignation would have been a decision that is too hasty at this time.”