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Police sorting out details in stabbing





Authorities are continuing to investigate the circumstances surrounding a disturbance that ended when a 31-year-old Hays man was stabbed.

Police were called to the 1300 block of Washington Circle early Sunday morning by area residents who said a bleeding man had been going house to house pounding on doors asking for help.

“People did the right thing,” Hays Police Chief Don Scheibler said. “They didn’t answer the door and called 911.”

When police arrived, they found a stabbing victim on the ground.

Details surrounding the incident still aren’t clear, but apparently resulted from what first was a domestic disturbance that escalated into an altercation between several people.

Scheibler declined to identify either the stabbing suspect or the victim because police still are trying to determine what took place

during the course of the incident.

It’s not a case of a random attack, however.

“All the parties involved knew each other,” Scheibler said.

Once the police complete their investigation, he said, it will be turned over to the county attorney’s office to determine what, if any, charges will be filed.

There’s a possibility, Scheibler said, the person responsible for the stabbing was acting in self defense.

“In Kansas, you have the right to defend your property and yourself,” he said. “We’re trying to determine if this was self defense.”

The victim of the stabbing suffered a severe laceration and a possible collapsed lung, and was treated at Hays Medical Center.