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New Hays business has customers' needs covered




It didn't take Carson Wright long to turn a dream job into his reality.

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It didn't take Carson Wright long to turn a dream job into his reality.

The lifelong Hays resident opened his own custom tarp business June 3. Wright's Custom Tarps is located at 715 E. Sixth.

"I worked at another tarp place for 21รขÑ2 years, and there was just no place like it in Hays, and there was a demand for it," Wright said. "I liked it, and I'm good at it."

The business repairs existing tarps and offers custom-made tarps for everything from boats and truck trailers to patio furniture and barbecue grills. Wright also can make wind walls to use in the oilfield and shade tarps to cover patios or playsets.

So far, boat tarps seem to be in high demand, Wright said, noting he still is trying to get the word out about his new business venture. The store already has made custom tarps for four boats and one truck.

The tarps Wright makes are tailored to be a perfect fit for each individual item, said his mother, Mary Wright, who is working full-time as her son's only employee.

"Every boat's been totally different, and he fits it so it's just a perfect glove," Mary Wright said. "It won't fit anybody else's. No one can steal it, because it won't fit."

The nearest customized tarp shops are in Stockton and Colby, he said, so Wright is hoping his business could fill a need in the Hays area.

He begins a project by taking measurements of the item needing covered; boats and trucks can be brought to his shop. Customers also can select the material they want. He offers several colors and is hoping to expand his selection.

The business is starting small, but the mother-and-son team said they enjoy working together.

Wright draws from his mother's business experience. Mary Wright owned C&J Home Accents in Hays for 12 years. When she first was getting her business started, her mother spent time in the store helping her, she said.

"My mom was there every day for the first four years," Mary Wright said with tears in her eyes. "We had time to talk and spend some time one-on-one together, and that was the best thing that ever could have happened."

That experience working with her mother inspired her to help with her son's new business venture after she retired.

"I'm just working here for free," she said. "I just want to spend time with you."