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Russell eases water restrictions


STOCKTON -- Starting today, Russell residents won't be facing the harshest water conservation stage in the city's arsenal.

In effect, it will mean residents will be able to water trees and lawns at least once a week, Russell City Manager Jon Quinday said prior to the start of Wednesday's water vision meeting in Stockton.

The Russell City Council voted July 1 to approve a resolution relaxing its ban on outside water use. The change takes effect today.

Russell will remain in the third phase of its water conservation plan, but it's a step away from the Stage 4 category the city's been operating under for more than a year now.

Residents now will be allowed to water trees and lawns before 9 a.m. and after 10 p.m. on individual trash days.

Quinday said special watering permits continue to be available. Those permits are available only when water is flowing over the dam at the city's Big Creek well site.

Water levels in wells along the Smoky Hill River near Pfeifer are improving, he said.