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Public Notice

(Published in The Hays Daily News January 12, 2014)


Emily Cable certifies that on or about December 1, 2013; Doug Wasinger did abandon or surrender possession of the following personal property to wit: 133 W. 6th, Gorham, KS: household items, tools, lawn equip., & trailer. The said property remained in our possession thirty or more days since the above stated date. That at least fifteen days prior to sale notification was published in the newspaper of record with circulation in the county in which said dwelling unit is located, of intent to sell or dispose of said personal property. That within seven days after said publication, copy of said public notice was mailed to the above-named tenant(s) at the tenant’s last known address and lienholder(s), if applicable.

Published online - 1/9/2014, 11:36 AM