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Kansas values


Kansas values

Kansas values

All of our candidates running for office now voice a common theme. None of them promise they will deliver anything essentially different from the other. I need not reiterate the listing since anyone semi-conscious cannot have missed the litany. Even the Democrats who are running would come off as Republican in most other states.

Insofar as it goes this is a popularity contest.

Kansas values, evident or not, are different from anywhere else, at least this is what our politicians tell us. However, nowhere is there a consensus of belief or opinion. The contest between Sen. Pat Roberts and Dr. Milton Wolf is highlighted by presenting their bona fides as conservatives. Roberts believes he can rest on his laurels, few these might be. Wolf is making promises he is unlikely to be able to keep (as sincere are his intentions). I mean, what does he have as his track record? Not many newcomers to Washington rule the roost, as he seems to believe he will if elected.

Rep. Tim Huelskamp did the same as Wolf is doing now before winning his last election, only to get his butt kicked shortly after arriving in Washington.

Wolf is likely is to share the same fate if he is elected. Making promises one cannot keep is hazardous.

So far as dirty campaigning is concerned, this is historically honorable. There never has been nor is there likely to be a political campaign that is entirely on the up-and-up, at least not since George Washington left office.

But if you will gentlemen, get real. This state and this country are in dire need of reality testing and acting appropriately on this. This is the value I would like to see.

Gary Whitesell,


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