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Huelskamp's attention to detail


Huelskamp's attention to detail

Huelskamp's attention to detail

I appreciate Tim Huelskamp's attention to issues affecting our economy, especially from a business standpoint.

As a member of the Small Business Committee, Huelskamp made a personal visit to Crestwood Inc. to learn more about our particular business and to visit with our great employees. I was impressed with how he interacted with all of my associates. Huelskamp is a real down-to-earth guy; he's one of us.

I appreciate his desire to try and change Washington and not let the temptation of Washington change him. Huelskamp understands excessive regulation and taxation stifles a business's ability to hire more people and position itself to grow for another generation. With many businesses being family owned, it is critically important we have someone willing to fight for us.

Consider voting for Huelskamp to represent us and fight for us in the "people's house."

Vote Huelskamp in this year's primary election Tuesday.

Michael P. Junk,