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What Dole stood for


What Dole stood for

What Dole stood for

I recently had the privilege of attending one of former Sen. Bob Dole's stops on his tour through eastern Kansas. Still possessing the wry sense of humor that was his trademark, it was an honor to be in the presence of and hear speak Kansas' legendary traditional conservative Republican. Wounded by machine gun fire in Italy during World War II, the decorated war hero is among a dwindling number of veterans of the war often referred to as "the Greatest Generation." Dole also is among a dwindling number of traditional conservatives.

He was a Republican statesmen capable of reaching across party lines and accomplishing something positive in Congress without sacrificing the party's core values. That's a stark contrast to the "Just say no" tea party and radical "Republicans" who have stymied Congress and offer little substantive as policy options.

It's ironic the tea party and social conservatives often malign traditional old-school conservatives such as Dole and others of a similar genera as RINOs (Republican in name only), yet look to President Ronald Reagan as their inspiration. Reagan often reached across party lines and compromised as well. Were it not for their revisionist perspective of history, Reagan would fail their "conservative" test and be unelectable by them today.

Supporters of the tea party are not conservative Republicans. They more closely are aligned with the radical Democrat Dixiecrats who infiltrated the-Republican Party in the 1960s in protest of President Johnson's passage of the Civil Rights Bill and Voter Registration Act. It's time true conservative and moderate Republicans unite politically and gain back the party of Lincoln by sending the counterfeit tea party carpetbaggers packing.

Tim Newacheck,