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New Kansas senator


New Kansas senator

New Kansas senator

It's time for Sen. Pat Roberts to leave Washington and move back to the great state of Kansas. He has served well for these past 34 years, but the time for him to retire has come.

I voted for him each and every time he ran for office. This time will be different. He has become a "part" of Washington. He "is" Washington. I believe he no longer is capable of changing Washington.

So I ask you -- why would Kansans elect a man who lives in Virginia to represent them in Washington? To give Virginia three senators? To continue the status quo that is Washington?

Virginians let Eric Cantor go for a reason. I believe he lost touch with those he swore to represent. Unfortunately, Roberts decision to live 47 years in Virginia also has cost him to lose touch with his base here in Kansas. Again, he "is" the establishment. He now relies on special interest groups and polls to guide his votes rather than living with and visiting with Kansas voters.

Congress today has a less than 10-percent approval rating, yet its members are re-elected 90 percent of the time. This means they have been successful in fooling the voters. We must demand a return of "public servants" and destroy the power and corruption that now is Washington. Elected representatives were expected to be servants and not career politicians. Two terms is enough.

Fortunately, we have Milton Wolf, who is challenging Roberts for his seat. Wolf is a physician. He will be able to bring fresh ideas to solve problems, especially with health care. He is for term limits. He has pledged to retire from Washington after two terms and resume his medical practice as any true Kansan would. I urge you to vote for Wolf in the upcoming primary and bring much needed retirement to Roberts.

Lawrence J. Reichert,


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