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Tales from the land of Don't


This is but one story of a company from the land of Don't.

This is but one story of a company from the land of Don't.

Don't hunt near railroad tracks. Don't take photographs near them. Don't jaywalk across the tracks. (Yes, by law, you can only cross at crossings.)

Don't, Don't, Don't. That's the unrelenting wisdom espoused by the Union Pacific Railroad.

I've got another one for them: Don't clean up after trashing a roadside area when cars filled with corn go careening off the tracks.

I say that only because it's obvious the railroad still doesn't want to finish cleaning up the mess they made when eight or so cars jumped the track about 2 miles west of Victoria along Old Highway 40.

It wasn't enough that some of the rotting corn remained in a pile, turning rancid and smelling not-so-sweet. And it wasn't enough that the mangled remains of the rail cars stayed alongside the tracks for months after the derailment.

And it still isn't enough that broken, battered ties are still piled up a mere few feet from the highway.

UPRR, after all, is from the land of Don't, never mind the derailment occurred May 8, 2011 -- more than three years ago now.

After an initial round of chastisement, UP sent out what I call a not-so-special-crew to pick up the ties and debris from the crash.

Not so special because the folks from the land of Don't decided instead to leave behind a couple not-so-subtle reminders.

They left a smaller pile of debris and ties, a pile I'll simply call trash.

And a slightly larger pile of recyclables, bits and pieces of rail.

While I'll applaud them for wanting to recycle the metal, it has to be moved for that to happen. And moving it from various areas to a centrally located pile -- next to the highway -- doesn't quite cut it.

It has to go instead to a recycling center.

But, when you're from the land of Don't, you Don't do that. You leave it where it is, making a point to all those who pass by.

I'm not sure what the point is, other than UP continues to want to show its power. It's not enough they've had almost everything given to them.

But that's no excuse to ignore their obligation to pick up after themselves.

But, they are from the land of Don't.

And it's obvious, they Don't want to do that.