Rogers looks for lucky charm

BOONE, Iowa -- Jason Rogers has a request from people in northwest Kansas.

"If you know anybody back home that has any good luck charms, tell them to send them to me," the stock car driver from Selden said.

Rogers is in need of more luck, and he's hoping and praying he didn't use it all up on his initial draw Wednesday at the 31st annual IMCA Super Nationals in Boone, Iowa.

Rogers started on the front row and won his heat. Then, he drew the sixth-place starting spot.

That's where everything turned. Rogers was running the high line in his A-main qualifier on the first lap, only to have another driver miss his line and slide high. That forced Rogers off turns three and four and well back in the pack of 30 cars.

A few laps later, he pulled in.

"I had to go, and I was going for it and got aggressive," Rogers said. "There was another 24 laps yet to go. Maybe I should have been more patient, but I had to go."

There isn't time to second-guess yourself in Boone, and Rogers knows that.

He also knows it's hard to start in the back of your heat and get to the front. Case in point: Thursday's heat race, where he started last and finished fifth.

"It's just luck, and the draw,"  he said. "And when you have somebody sideways in front of you, you just can't pass. The nice thing about it is I don't have to race against these guys weekly. If I have to use 12 tires to make the corner, I'll use 12 tires to make the corner."

Rogers finished ninth in his B-main later, helping secure a few more points before today's final day of qualifying.

That's why he sent out a request for lucky charms. He needs to have some things go his way and make some breaks for himself, too, just as Colby's Jeff Tubbs did in qualifying for Saturday's big show on the first night the stock cars competed Wednesday.

"I used it all up on the draw (Wednesday)," Rogers said about his luck in Iowa. "I need to steal Jeff's horseshoe. He's got that golden horseshoe wedged in there somewhere."

* NICK SCHWIEN, Hays Daily News