Rogers, Holloway, Anderson Rooks County fair champions


Special to The Hays Daily News

STOCKTON, KS (August 14-15)--Rooks County Speedway in Stockton, KS, held fair races during the Rooks County fair on Wednesday & Thursday, August 14-15. After the two nights of racing action, Jason Rogers of Selden, Osborne's Tracy Holloway, and Shannon Anderson of Urbandale, IA, were crowned fair champions in their respective divisions.

On Wednesday evening, Anderson was the first feature winner as the four-time IMCA Hobby Stock national champion led all 14 laps to claim the win. G.W. 'Cheeseburger' Fuller was second, followed by heat race winners Garrett Hager and 'Bam Bam' Cody Graham. Trevor 'The Hit Man' Schmidt rounded out the top five. Anderson also won a heat race. The race was scheduled for 15 laps but was cut short one lap because the time limit had expired due to several cautions.

'The Frye Man' Tyler Frye of Belleville led the first 2 laps in the 18-lap IMCA Northern Sport Mod feature before Holloway charged past. Heat one winner Frye stayed within striking distance of Holloway but had to settle for second. Second heat winner Cory Struckhoff finished third, trailed by 'The Money Man' Clay Money and Kurtis Pihl.

Rogers led all 20 laps in the IMCA Stock Car main event. One lone caution early kept the field close the first part of the race, but Rogers had built a sizable lead by the halfway mark enroute to victory lane. Shaylon Holloway, 'The Taz Man' Tyler Hahn, Jason Davis and Pat Bedore completed the top five. Heat race winners were Davis and Holloway.

The same 3 divisions returned on Thursday night for competition. The sport mods were first to run their main event and had trouble getting underway. After a couple of failed starts, officials lined the field up single file for the third restart. Tanner Portenier of Luray took advantage of his front starting spot to drive away to a win. Brian Conness made a late charge but had to settle for second, followed by Pihl, Holloway and Struckhoff. Pihl and Conness were victorious in their heat races. The two night point total gave Holloway the fair championship.

The stock car feature went 20 caution free laps and saw battles for position all the way through the pack. Arnold Williams led the first 10 laps before Smith Center's Jason McCartney took the lead on lap 11 and drove on for the win and a trip to the winner's circle. Heat one winner Williams held on for second, followed by Hahn, Davis and Rogers. Eric Kinderknecht won the other heat race. Rogers and Hahn tied for points for the two nights, but Rogers won the championship on the tiebreaker with his win on Wednesday night.

Anderson won his second hobby stock feature in a row but had to work hard to earn it. Travis Coop led the opening lap before Jeromy Wagner assumed command. Caution flags on laps 5 and 6 kept the field close, but Wagner continued to lead at the halfway mark of the 15-lap event. Anderson, who started 12th in the 17 car field, worked his way through the field and took the lead on lap 9 and drove on for his second victory in as many nights. Wagner settled for second, with Graham, Schmidt and Jacob Crowell completing the top five. Heat race winners were Anderson, Coop and Wagner.

Prowler Chassis of Stockton provided plaques for the fair champions.

RESULTS (Wednesday)

IMCA Hobby Stocks

Heat race winners: Shannon Anderson, Cody Graham, Garrett Hager.

Feature: 1. Anderson, 2. G.W. Fuller, 3. Hager, 4. Graham, 5. Trevor Schmidt, 6. Jacob Crowell, 7. Mark Normandin, 8. Rhett Kingsbury, 9. Roger Garrison, 10. Colton Pfeifer, 11. Dylan Dibble, 12. Jeromy Wagner (DNF), 13. H.J. Colburn (DNF), 14. Irvin Earl (DNF), 15. Kolton Vogel (DNF), 16. Travis Coop (DNF), 17. Tim Colburn (DNS).

IMCA Northern Sport Mods

Heat race winners: Tyler Frye, Cory Struckhoff.

Feature: 1. Tracy Holloway, 2. Frye, 3. Struckhoff, 4. Clay Money, 5. Kurtis Pihl, 6. Brian Conness, 7. Kaid Calhoon, 8. Joe Couse, 9. Tanner Portenier, 10. Bentley Pywell, 11. Chance Miller (DNF), 12. Tony Fischer (DNF).

IMCA Stock Cars

Heat race winners: Jason Davis, Shaylon Holloway.

Feature: 1. Jason Rogers, 2. Holloway, 3. Tyler Hahn, 4. Davis, 5. Pat Bedore, 6. Nolan Remus, 7. Dustin McClurg, 8. Trevor Thornton, 9. Frank McClurg, 10. Eric Kinderknecht, 11. Bob Rutherford, 12. Jason McCartney, 13. Arnold Williams (DNF), 14. Cody Williams (DNS).

RESULTS (Thursday)

IMCA Hobby Stocks

Heat race winners: Shannon Anderson, Travis Coop, Jeromy Wagner.

Feature: 1. Anderson, 2. Wagner, 3. Cody Graham, 4. Trevor Schmidt, 5. Jacob Crowell, 6. Colton Pfeifer, 7. Mark Normandin, 8. Coop, 9. H.J. Colburn, 10. Rhett Kingsbury, 11. Kolten Vogel, 12. Irvin Earl, 13. Tim Colburn, 14. Dylan Dibble (DNF), 15. Josh Hrabe (DNF), 16. Garrett Hager (DNF), 17. G.W. Fuller (DNF).

IMCA Northern Sport Mods

Heat race winners: Kurtis Pihl, Brian Conness.

Feature: 1. Tanner Portenier, 2. Conness, 3. Pihl, 4. Tracy Holloway, 5. Cory Struckhoff, 6. Clay Money, 7. Joe Couse, 8. Bentley Pywell, 9. Jeremy Couse, 10. Phillip Goering (DNS), 11. Tony Fischer (DNS), 12. Chance Miller (DNS).

IMCA Stock Cars

Heat race winners: Arnold Williams, Eric Kinderknecht.

Feature: 1. Jason McCartney, 2. Williams, 3. Tyler Hahn, 4. Jason Davis, 5. Jason Rogers, 6. Kinderknecht, 7. Shaylon Holloway, 8. Dustin McClurg, 9. Bob Rutherford, 10. Frank McClurg, 11. Trevor Thornton, 12. Nolan Remus (DNF), 13. Pat Bedore (DNF).