Three drivers repeat at RPM Speedway


Special to The Hays Daily News

HAYS, KS (June 29)--Three drivers returned to victory lane at RPM Speedway in Hays, KS, on Saturday evening, June 29.

The S & W Supply IMCA Modified feature saw its seventh different winner in seven outings for the division. 'The Russell Rocket' Marty Clark jumped out to an early lead, trailed by 'Rapid' Ronnie Hill, Jerry Teel and Corey Lagroon. Lagroon worked his way to the front on lap 10, leading the field at the crossed flags. But caution flags on laps 13 and 16 kept the field close, and Clark regained the lead on lap 17 and held off Lagroon for the win. Brian Calhoon finished third, followed by Rodger Peck and Teel. Heat race winners were Lagroon and Clark.

The Advantage Glass Plus IMCA Stock Car feature saw four different leaders in the 20-lap caution free event. Pat Bedore led the opening lap before Scot Granzella took the lead. Granzella held control until lap 7 when Arnold Williams took the point. But ninth starting Jason Rogers of Selden took over the lead on lap 11 and led the remaining distance for his second win of the season at Hays. Casey Werkmeister ran second, followed by Jeff Tubbs, Williams, and heat two winner Bedore. Jason Davis won the other heat race.

'The Frye Man' Tyler Frye of Belleville won his fourth feature in the caution filled Golden Plains Trucking IMCA Northern Sport Mod division. Cody Pancake led the first 5 laps before Daniel Gottschalk took the lead after a lap 6 caution. Gottschalk led through lap 10 before Frye was able to make the winning pass. Blaine Walt was able to get by Gottschalk for second, with 'The Money Man' Clay Money and Pancake finishing fourth and fifth. Walt, Gottschalk and Trenton Kleweno were victorious in the three heat races.

T.C. McKain of Downs scored his first victory at the 3/8-mile oval in the Rebel Tank Service IMCA Hobby Stock class. Heat two winner Colton Pfeifer led the 18-car field the first 2 laps before Ron Wehling made the pass for the lead. Pfeifer regained control on lap 6 and led at the halfway mark of the 15-lap race. Then McKain took the lead on lap 10 and was able to hold off heat one winner Kent Tammen to the checkers. G.W. 'Cheeseburger' Fuller finished third, with Wehling and Travis Coop rounding out the top five.

Monte Honas of Ellis won his fifth D K Ranch IMCA Sport Compact feature in a row to continue his domination in that division. Honas went from ninth to first on the opening lap and never looked back. Point leader Michael Smith finished in the runner-up spot, with Tanner Chapin, Art Herzog and John McNabb completing the top five. Heat race winners were Brady Bencken and Smith.

It was 'Red, White & Blue Night'.

The evening's race sponsor was Steve's Electric & Roustabout and Polymer Services of Plainville.

Racing returns to Hays to kick off the Ellis County Fair on Saturday & Sunday, July 13-14. The regular five divisions will be in action both nights, competing for added prize money. The school buses will also run on Saturday night. Race time both nights is 7:00 p.m.


IMCA Sport Compacts

Heat race winners: Brady Bencken, Michael Smith.

Feature: 1. Monte Honas, 2. Smith, 3. Tanner Chapin, 4. Art Herzog, 5. John McNabb, 6. Shyla Hughes, 7. Andrew Soderlund, 8. Irvin Earl, 9. Madison Reed, 10. Brandon Lobdell (DNF), 11. Ed Jasper (DNF), 12. Kirk Pfannenstiel (DNF), 13. Bencken (DNS), 14. Michael Wagner (DNS), 15. Dean Herzog (DNS).

IMCA Hobby Stocks

Heat race winners: Kent Tammen, Colton Pfeifer.

Feature: 1. T.C. McKain, 2. Tammen, 3. G.W. Fuller, 4. Ron Wehling, 5. Travis Coop, 6. Aaron Honas, 7. Daniel Irwin, 8. Garrett Hager, 9. Mark Normandin, 10. Aaron Gray, 11. Leon Pfannenstiel, 12. Darren Unrein, 13. Cody Graham, 14. Donnie Werth, 15. Roger Garrison, 16. Pfeifer, 17. Adrienne West (DNF), 18. Trevor Schmidt (DNF).

IMCA Northern Sport Mods

Heat race winners: Blaine Walt, Daniel Gottschalk, Trenton Kleweno.

Feature: 1. Tyler Frye, 2. Walt, 3. Gottschalk, 4. Clay Money, 5. Cody Pancake, 6. Kleweno, 7. Kenny Schmidt, 8. Brian Fink, 9. Cory McGann, 10. Tyler Watts, 11. Dan Lauer, 12. Kaid Calhoon, 13. J.R. Ewing, 14. Bentley Pywell, 15. Phillip Goering, 16. Kamren Gruber, 17. Kurtis Pihl (DNF), 18. Chance Miller (DNF), 19. Jeremy Sigler (DNF), 20. Mark Axelson (DNF), 21. Jeremy Couse (DNF), 22. Cole Emerson (DNS).

IMCA Stock Cars

Heat race winners: Jason Davis, Pat Bedore.

Feature: 1. Jason Rogers, 2. Casey Werkmeister, 3. Jeff Tubbs, 4. Arnold Williams, 5. Bedore, 6. Nolan Remus, 7. Davis, 8. Scot Granzella, 9. B.J. Wagoner, 10. John Annon, 11. Shaylon Holloway (DNF), 12. Nick Tubbs (DNF).

IMCA Modifieds

Heat race winners: Corey Lagroon, Marty Clark.

Feature: 1. Clark, 2. Lagroon, 3. Brian Calhoon, 4. Rodger Peck, 5. Jerry Teel, 6. John Fabrizius, 7. Scott Brown, 8. Dylan Sherfick, 9. Troy Plummer, 10. David Solberg, 11. Ronnie Hill, 12. Milo Lippelmann, 13. Kyle Rohleder (DNF), 14. Tim Watts (DNF), 15. Grant Junghans (DNF).