RPM Speedway opens Ellis County Fair


Special to The Hays Daily News

HAYS, KS (July 13-14)--The Ellis County Fair kicked off this past Saturday & Sunday night, July 13-14, with 2 nights of racing action at RPM Speedway.

On Saturday night, over 120 cars checked in, along with 8 school buses.

The S & W Supply IMCA Modified feature saw its eighth different winner in eight outings for the division. Rodger Peck led the opening lap before the first caution flew. After the restart, 'Dynamite' Dylan Sherfick took the lead and continued to lead the field at the halfway mark of the 20-lap race. Sherfick built up a big lead, only to lose it on lap 17 when the caution flag waved for the final time when Brian Calhoon went up in smoke. Sherfick led the field back to green, but Eddie Belec of Arvada, CO, took advantage on the restart and took the top spot on lap 18 and held on to win. Sherfick finished in the runner-up spot, followed by Corey Lagroon, Brendon Gemmill and David Murray. Jesse Smith won the B-feature, with heat race wins going to Sherfick, Austin Allen, 'Smokin' Joe Cleveland, and Murray.

The Advantage Glass Plus IMCA Stock Car feature was a caution plagued 20-lap event. Adam Armstrong led the first 2 laps before heat one winner Justin Tiemeyer took the lead after a lap 3 restart. Kyle Vanover of Beatrice, NE, started behind Tiemeyer on a lap 4 restart and took control and was able to pull away for the win. Point leader Jeff Tubbs finished second, followed by Jason Rogers, B.J. Wagoner and Scot Granzella. Casey Werkmeister and Nick 'The Spiderman' Tubbs won the other two heat races.

Collyer's Blaine Walt won his first Golden Plains Trucking IMCA Northern Sport Mod main event at Hays this season. 'The Money Man' Clay Money took the early lead before state point leader Kurtis Pihl took command. Pihl led through lap 15 of the 20-lap event before Walt drove by and on to a trip to victory lane. Pihl was second, followed by heat race winners Money, Daniel Gottschalk and Clay Sellard. Cory McGann was first to the checkers in the B-feature, and Tanner Portenier also won a heat race.

Kurt Hansen of Walnut, IA, made the long haul worthwhile with a win in the Rebel Tank Service IMCA Hobby Stock feature. The heat one winner passed track point leader Aaron Honas on lap 3 and never looked back enroute to the checkers. Honas, heat race winners G.W. 'Cheeseburger' Fuller and Kent Tammen, along with Travis Coop would complete the top five.

Monte Honas of Ellis won his sixth D K Ranch IMCA Sport Compact feature in a row to continue his domination in that division. Heat two victor Honas started fifth and had the lead by the end of the opening lap. The lone caution waved on lap 7 when heat one winner Zach Olmstead went off turn 3. Honas was trailed by Shyla Hughes, track point leader Michael Smith, Tanner Chapin, and state point leader Brandon Lobdell.

The School Buses returned to the track and Phillip 'Peanut Butter' Brown of Scottsville won a shortened feature as the race was called when Mike Wagner tipped over his bus in turn one. He was okay.

One-hundred twenty-two cars returned to race on Sunday night.

Dylan Smith of Osceola, NE, the 2009 IMCA Modified national champion and last year's Mod Mania winner at Hays, led all 20 laps on his way to a $1,000 payday. A couple of wrecks narrowed the field but Smith, who won on Friday night at I-80 Speedway in Greenwood, NE, held off all challengers for the win. Tim Ward of Gilbert, AZ, finished second, followed by Corey Lagroon, 'Smokin' Joe Cleveland and heat one winner Darrick Klima. Other heat race winners included Rodger Peck, Smith, and Jeremy Frenier, with Saturday night's A-feature winner Eddie Belec claiming the victory in the B-feature.

Mike Nichols of Harlan, IA, scored his third win of the season at Hays in the IMCA Stock Car A-main, which was also a Dirt Track Central Great Plains Series event. Casey Woken led the opening lap before Jason Rogers made the pass for the lead. The caution waved several times, but Rogers still led at the halfway mark of the 20-lap race. Nichols, who trailed Rogers at the halfway point, finally took the lead on lap 12. Rogers' night came to an end on lap 17 when he came to a stop to bring out the final caution. Nichols, whose car smoked late in the race, was able to hold off Saturday night's feature winner Kyle Vanover the final laps for the win. Nolan Remus was third, followed by Justin Tiemeyer and Perry Misner. Heat race winners included Nichols, Adam Armstrong, and Rogers.

Bucklin's Clay Sellard took the early lead in the 15-lap IMCA Northern Sport Mod A-feature. Sellard led to the halfway mark, but was passed on lap 9 by 'The Frye Man' Tyler Frye of Belleville. Frye led the remaining laps for his fifth win of the season at the 3/8-mile oval. Saturday night's feature winner Blaine Walt chased Frye but settled for second, followed by Sellard, Austin Walker, and 'The Money Man' Clay Money. State point leader Kurtis Pihl was victorious in the B-feature, with Daniel Gottschalk, Brenden Damon, Kaid Calhoon and Trenton Kleweno claiming wins in their respective heat races.

Hometown driver Trevor 'The Hit Man' Schmidt led all 15 laps in the IMCA Hobby Stock feature to make his second appearance in victory lane. Several cautions waved, but each time Schmidt was able to pull out a couple of car-lengths and hold on to the lead, with the last caution setting up a green-white-checkered finish. 'The Wild Child' Garrett Hager got by Saturday night's feature winner Kurt Hansen to finish second, with G.W. 'Cheeseburger' Fuller fourth and Mark Normandin fifth. Schmidt, Hansen, and 'Neon' Leon Pfannenstiel won the heat races.

In the IMCA Sport Compact feature, Monte Honas of Ellis passed heat two winner Zach Olmstead on lap 8 to take a lead he would not relinquish as he scored his seventh feature win of the season. Olmstead, track point leader Michael Smith, Tanner Chapin and Shyla Hughes completed the top five. Kirk Pfannenstiel was victorious in the other heat race.

Racing returns to Hays for Modified Mania on Tuesday, July 30. IMCA-sanctioned Modifieds will compete for $2,000 to win and $200 to start, while Northern Sport Mods will race for $1,000 to win and $100 to start. NASCAR star Clint Bowyer will return to compete against the local drivers. Race time is 7:00 p.m.

RESULTS (Saturday)

IMCA Sport Compacts

Heat race winners: Zach Olmstead, Monte Honas.

Feature: 1. Monte Honas, 2. Smith, 3. Tanner Chapin, 4. Art Herzog, 5. John McNabb, 6. Shyla Hughes, 7. Andrew Soderlund, 8. Irvin Earl, 9. Madison Reed, 10. Brandon Lobdell (DNF), 11. Ed Jasper (DNF), 12. Kirk Pfannenstiel (DNF), 13. Bencken (DNS), 14. Michael Wagner (DNS), 15. Dean Herzog (DNS).

IMCA Hobby Stocks

Heat race winners: Kurt Hansen, G.W. Fuller, Kent Tammen.

Feature: 1. Hansen, 2. Aaron Honas, 3. Fuller, 4. Tammen, 5. Travis Coop, 6. Daniel Irwin, 7. Jeromy Wagner, 8. Mark Normandin, 9. Garrett Hager, 10. Aaron McBride, 11. Cody Graham, 12. Luke Pfannenstiel, 13. T.C. McKain, 14. Aaron Gray, 15. Ron Wehling, 16. Colton Pfeifer, 17. Al Emmons, 18. Donnie Werth, 19. Darren Unrein (DNF), 20. Leon Pfannenstiel (DNF), 21. Jason McClung (DNF), 22. Robert Emmons (DNS).

IMCA Northern Sport Mods

Heat race winners: Daniel Gottschalk, Tanner Portenier, Clay Money, Clay Sellard.

B-Feature (top 8 transfer): 1. Cory McGann, 2. Jeremy Sigler, 3. Branden Belvill, 4. Jason Gray, 5. J.R. Ewing, 6. Cody Pancake, 7. Mark Axelson, 8. Dan Lauer, 9. Tim Gassmann, 10. Ryan Stevenson, 11. Jeremy Couse, 12. Tony Fisher, 13. Bentley Pywell, 14. Ryan Gier (DNF), 15. Kamren Gruber (DNS).

A-Feature: 1. Blaine Walt, 2. Kurtis Pihl, 3. Money, 4. Gottschalk, 5. Sellard, 6. Tyler Frye, 7. Trenton Kleweno, 8. Seth Schroer, 9. Portenier, 10. Joe Couse, 11. Brian Fink, 12. Pancake, 13. Kenny Schmidt, 14. Sigler, 15. Gray, 16. McGann, 17. Belvill, 18. Lauer, 19. Ewing, 20. Adam Stenzl, 21. Brenden Damon (DNF), 22. Tyler Watts (DNF), 23. Kaid Calhoon (DNF), 24. Axelson (DNS).

IMCA Stock Cars

Heat race winners: Justin Tiemeyer, Casey Werkmeister, Nick Tubbs.

Feature: 1. Kyle Vanover, 2. Jeff Tubbs, 3. Jason Rogers, 4. B.J. Wagoner, 5. Scot Granzella, 6. Adam Armstrong, 7. Tyler Tipton, 8. Jason Davis, 9. Pat Bedore, 10. Casey Woken, 11. Brian Labonte, 12. Reagan Sellard, 13. Trevor Thornton, 14. Perry Misner (DNF), 15. Tiemeyer (DNF), 16. N. Tubbs (DNF), 17. Cody Zimmerman (DNF), 18. Monroe Schmidt (DNF), 19. Kyle Clough (DNF), 20. Werkmeister (DNF), 21. Shaylon Holloway (DNF), 22. Cody Williams (DNF), 23. Nolan Remus (DNF), 24. Luke Pfannenstiel (DNF), 25. Bob Rutherford (DNS).

IMCA Modifieds

Heat race winners: Dylan Sherfick, Austin Allen, Joe Cleveland, David Murray.

B-Feature (top 8 transfer): 1. Jesse Smith, 2. Darrick Klima, 3. Ronnie Hill, 4. Brian Calhoon, 5. Jerry Teel, 6. Cody Blessing, 7. Scott Brown, 8. Tim Watts, 9. John Fabrizius, 10. Chadd Brown, 11. David Solberg, 12. Milo Lippelmann, 13. Brad Keller, 14. Matt Henke (DNF), 15. Bill Albin (DNF), 16. Alex Albin (DNF).

A-Feature: 1. Eddie Belec, 2. D. Sherfick, 3. Corey Lagroon, 4. Brendon Gemmill, 5. Murray, 6. Jeremy Frenier, 7. Travis Sherfick, 8. Van Gemmill, 9. Teel, 10. Watts, 11. John Fose, 12. Allen, 13. Cleveland, 14. Danny Keller, 15. Ryan Heger, 16. Blessing, 17. Rodger Peck, 18. Matt Fabrizius, 19. Klima, 20. S. Brown, 21. Hill, 22. Smith, 23. Calhoon (DNF), 24. Randy Wilson (DNF).

RESULTS (Sunday)

IMCA Sport Compacts

Heat race winners: Kirk Pfannenstiel, Zach Olmstead.

Feature: 1. Monte Honas, 2. Olmstead, 3. Michael Smith, 4. Tanner Chapin, 5. Shyla Hughes, 6. Tristen Barton, 7. Brandon Lobdell, 8. Dean Herzog, 9. Jarrett Pfannenstiel, 10. K. Pfannenstiel, 11. Brady Bencken, 12. Madison Reed, 13. Art Herzog, 14. Kiowa Higdon, 15. Bret Henke, 16. Ed Jasper, 17. Andrew Soderlund (DNF).

IMCA Hobby Stocks

Heat race winners: Trevor Schmidt, Kurt Hansen, Leon Pfannenstiel.

Feature: 1. Schmidt, 2. Garrett Hager, 3. Hansen, 4. G.W. Fuller, 5. Mark Normandin, 6. T.C. McKain, 7. Jeromy Wagner, 8. Cody Graham, 9. Roger Garrison, 10. Colton Pfeifer, 11. Daniel Irwin, 12. Aaron Gray, 13. Al Emmons, 14. Kent Tammen, 15. Robert Emmons, 16. Pfannenstiel, 17. Travis Coop, 18. Ron Wehling, 19. Aaron Honas (DNF).

IMCA Northern Sport Mods

Heat race winners: Daniel Gottschalk, Brenden Damon, Kaid Calhoon, Trenton Kleweno.

B-Feature (top 8 transfer): 1. Kurtis Pihl, 2. Andy Barton, 3. Dan Lauer, 4. Tyler Watts, 5. Kenny Schmidt, 6. Adam Stenzl, 7. J.R. Ewing, 8. Ryan Stevenson, 9. Jeremy Couse, 10. Phillip Goering, 11. Branden Belvill (DNF), 12. Eric Cross (DNF), 13. Mark Axelson (DNF), 14. Tim Gassmann (DNF), 15. Bentley Pywell (DNF), 16. Jeremy Sigler (DNS).

A-Feature: 1. Tyler Frye, 2. Blaine Walt, 3. Clay Sellard, 4. Austin Walker, 5. Clay Money, 6. Cory Struckhoff, 7. Seth Schroer, 8. Gottschalk, 9. Damon, 10. Barton, 11. Brian Fink, 12. Kleweno, 13. Cory McGann, 14. Schmidt, 15. Watts, 16. Jason Gray, 17. Lauer, 18. Ewing, 19. Stevenson, 20. Cody Pancake, 21. Stenzl, 22. Pihl (DNF), 23. Calhoon (DNF), 24. Tanner Portenier (DNF).

IMCA Stock Cars

Heat race winners: Mike Nichols, Adam Armstrong, Jason Rogers.

Feature: 1. Nichols, 2. Kyle Vanover, 3. Nolan Remus, 4. Justin Tiemeyer, 5. Perry Misner, 6. Nick Tubbs, 7. Shaylon Holloway, 8. Jason Davis, 9. Jeff Tubbs, 10. Pat Bedore, 11. Armstrong, 12. Casey Woken, 13. Tyler Tipton, 14. Rogers, 15. Cody Williams, 16. Brian Labonte, 17. Kyle Clough, 18. Cody Zimmerman, 19. Reagan Sellard, 20. Bob Rutherford (DNF), 21. Scot Granzella (DNF), 22. Trevor Thornton (DNF), 23. Monroe Schmidt (DNF), 24. B.J. Wagoner (DNF).

IMCA Modifieds

Heat race winners: Darrick Klima, Rodger Peck, Dylan Smith, Jeremy Frenier.

B-Feature (top 8 transfer): 1. Eddie Belec, 2. Brendon Gemmill, 3. Kyle Rohleder, 4. Travis Sherfick, 5. Tim Watts, 6. Jerry Teel, 7. Brian Calhoon, 8. Randy Wilson, 9. Milo Lippelmann, 10. Scott Brown, 11. Ryan Heger, 12. David Solberg, 13. Matt Fabrizius (DNS), 14. John Fabrizius (DNS).

A-Feature: 1. D. Smith, 2. Tim Ward, 3. Corey Lagroon, 4. Joe Cleveland, 5. Klima, 6. Dylan Sherfick, 7. Calhoon, 8. Marty Clark, 9. Ronnie Hill, 10. Jesse Smith, 11. Rohleder, 12. Jesse Richter, 13. John Fose, 14. Belec (DNF), 15. B. Gemmill (DNF), 16. David Murray (DNF), 17. Frenier (DNF), 18. Peck (DNF), 19. Watts (DNF), 20. Teel (DNF), 21. Van Gemmill (DNF), 22. Wilson (DNF), 23. Mike Petersilie (DNF), 24. T. Sherfick.