Mother Nature shortens races at WaKeeney Speedway


Special to The Hays Daily News

WAKEENEY, KS (April 6)--A rain shower forced track officials at Wakeeney (KS) Speedway to shorten the race program Sunday evening, April 6. After a caution flag on lap 12 of the 15-lap IMCA Northern Sport Mod feature, the rains came and officials checkered the race with 11 laps complete. The IMCA Stock Car and IMCA Modfied features will be made up this Sunday, April 13.

The IMCA Northern Sport Mod feature finished under caution. Brandon Clough of Wallace, NE, took the lead at the drop of the green, trailed by Daniel Gottschalk, Willie Wynn and Trevor Geist. At the halfway mark, Clough continued to lead with Gottschalk and Geist right behind. Then the caution waved on lap 12 for debris, and while under caution, the rains came. Officials deemed the track to slick to race and checkered the race at that point. Clough was the winner, followed by a hard charging Dustin Daniels, Gottschalk, Trenton Kleweno and Blaine Walt. Heat race winners were Daniels, Dan Lauer, and Clough.

The IMCA Hobby Stock feature saw Daniel Irwin jump to the early lead, but was passed on lap 6 by Brian Stich. Stich's lead was short lived as one lap later at the halfway mark, Kensington's Jeromy Wagner took over the top spot. The caution waved on lap 8 as a couple of cars slid off turn 4. Wagner led the field back to green and held off Jamie Songer of Ankeny, IA, and Brock Beeter of Minot, ND, to the checkers. Irwin and heat one winner Colin Heim completed the top five. Beeter and Songer were victorious in the other two heat races.

The IMCA Sport Compact feature had the wildest finish of the night. Rich Tegethoff led the first 5 laps of the 10-lap race, then was passed by Stockton's Michael Smith. As the field came out of turn 4 for the checkered flag, Kirk Pfannenstiel was out of power and turned to pull into the pits. Unfortunately, he turned right in front of Smith, who broadsided Pfannenstiel. That allowed heat two winner Art Herzog and Tegethoff to get by with Herzog scoring the win. Smith limped across the finish line third, followed by Madison Reed and T.J. Janousek. Smith won the other heat race.

The evening's race sponsor was Oller Law Firm of Hays.

Racing action returns to Wakeeney Speedway this Sunday, April 13, with all five regular divisions in action, starting with the two make-up features. With the added features, race time will be 6:00 p.m.


IMCA Sport Compacts

Heat race winners: Michael Smith, Art Herzog.

Feature: 1. A. Herzog, 2. Rich Tegethoff, 3. Smith, 4. Madison Reed, 5. T.J. Janousek, 6. Kirk Pfannenstiel (DNF), 7. Kiowa Higdon (DNF), 8. Dean Herzog (DNF), 9. Ed Jasper (DNF).

IMCA Hobby Stocks

Heat race winners: Colin Heim, Brock Beeter, Jamie Songer.

Feature: 1. Jeromy Wagner, 2. Songer, 3. Beeter, 4. Daniel Irwin, 5. Heim, 6. Leon Pfannenstiel, 7. Brady Bencken, 8. Kyle Pfeifer, 9. Aaron Grey, 10. Cody Graham, 11. Brian Stich, 12. Andrew Sebastian, 13. H.J. Colburn, 14. Oscar Runyon, 15. Will Bauer, 16. Mike Giesenhagen, 17. Al Emmons, 18. Robert Emmons, 19. Monte Honas (DNF), 20. Garrett Hager (DNF), 21. Justin Meserve (DNF), 22. Colton Pfeifer (DNF), 23. Lyle Russell (DNF), 24. Sierra Swart (DNS), 25. Matt Giesenhagen (DNS).

IMCA Northern Sport Mods

Heat race winners: Dustin Daniels, Dan Lauer, Brandon Clough.

Feature: 1. Clough, 2. Daniels, 3. Daniel Gottschalk, 4. Trenton Kleweno, 5. Blaine Walt, 6. Willie Wynn, 7. Clay Money, 8. Dakota Sproul, 9. Austin Walker, 10. Jeremy Sigler, 11. Andy Barton, 12. Brian Conness, 13. Eric Pfeifer, 14. Jeremy Couse, 15. Triston Barton, 16. Don Strecker, 17. C.J. Pfannenstiel (DNF), 18. Trevor Geist (DNF), 19. Josh Appel (DNF), 20. Lauer (DNS), 21. Mike Appel (DNS).

IMCA Stock Cars

Heat race winners: Jeff Tubbs, Shannon Maughlin.

Feature: Rained out. Will be made up Sunday, April 13.

IMCA Modifieds

Heat race winners: Kyle Rohleder, Don Geist.

Feature: Rained out. Will be made up Sunday, April 13.