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'Tammy' is every kind of bad


In all honesty, there's really not much to say about "Tammy." The film is terrible, by just about any set of standards. It's so hopelessly derivative it never comes remotely close to something that would constitute an original idea. What's more, the exceedingly bland "socially awkward loser with an ultimately good heart" trope isn't even executed well. I never felt any type of connection to any of the characters and, as such, didn't particularly care what happened to them. All of the above could be forgiven if the movie had just been funny. I can laugh at stupid comedy with the best of them; however, if you remove the comedy from stupid comedy -- well, I'll let you do the math.

"Tammy" has not-terrible actors, but they are, all of them, wasted. The only slightly redeeming exception is one stretch of dialogue delivered by the unsinkable Kathy Bates. Everything before and everything after that single moderately illuminated scene lives in a darkness reserved for getting up to go to the bathroom in a house you're not familiar with.

Melissa McCarthy is so much more than the one-note joke she made herself out to be in "Tammy." The exact same overweight, socially inept, initially unlikable character had a passable redemption in "Identity Thief" and was gut-bustingly hysterical in "The Heat." None of those qualities were transferable to "Tammy." Much to the chagrin of this reviewer, it felt like McCarthy spent well more than half of the movie with her mouth hanging open like she just made a non-game-winning checkers jump while playing against a 5-year-old. See poster for a visual example.

Don't go see "Tammy." Go find a copy of "The Heat" somewhere, and you'll be much happier. In fact, the drive or Web search to find "The Heat" will more enjoyable than the experience of watching "Tammy."

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James Gerstner



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