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Elementary school movie reviews


Students from Lincoln Elementary School in Hays recently watched the movie "Bears" at the movie theater in Hays. Below are a few reviews of the movie, supplied by fourth-grade teacher Amanda Callahan's class.

"Bears" is a great movie. People will love this funny, yet sometimes sad movie. It is about a momma bear named Sky and her newborn cubs named Scout and Amber. They go on a dangerous journey to get food. Along the way, they have some trouble. A wolf tries to eat the cubs, and some male bears try to eat them, too. Will Sky and her cubs survive? Head to the theater and see "Bears" to find out.

* Cadence Dickey

"Bears" is a family-friendly movie and is great for all ages. It is a great, heart-warming film that will touch your heart. In this movie, you will get to see how bears live, eat and protect their cubs. This movie will let you see how Sky, the mother bear, helps her cubs, Scout and Amber, survive on their first journey to find food. They don't just drink milk; they eat fish and grass, too. You can see how the first year of Scout's and Amber's lives rolls along. Doesn't "Bears" sound like the kind of movie where you can curl up in your chair with a huge tub of popcorn and enjoy some family time together? It does to me. So, go see "Bears" today.

* Brenna Schwien

The movie "Bears" is a breathtaking movie you won't want to miss. Sky is a mother bear. She has two cubs, Scout and Amber. The cubs almost get killed. Luckily, Sky was there to save them. This movie is filled with lots of action and thrills. Go see "Bears" today.

* Kylie Dreiling